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Lib Dems overtake Labour in new YouGov/Sun daily tracker poll

The results of the YouGov daily tracker poll for tomorrow's Sun have just been released:

Yougov Comparisons are with the YouGov poll released shortly before last night's debate.

UK Polling Report's swing calculator suggests that these figures, on a universal national swing, would actually make Labour the largest party in the Commons with 275 seats, with the Conservative on 245 seats and the Lib Dems on 99 seats.

Remember, this is just one poll and I would strongly caution anyone against making any rash conclusions on the back of it. We need to look at both trends (rather than individual polls) and indeed what is happening in the battleground seats where the election result will be decided.

And, more than anything, Conservatives must keep up the hard work on the ground in those campaigns, taking to people the positive message of change which the party is offering the country.

More detail in The Sun.

Jonathan Isaby


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