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Let's cut immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands

LETSPUT Earlier, in reflecting on Mr Brown's attack on Mrs Duffy, Jonathan Isaby focused on Mr Brown's duplicity.

For me the episode betrayed the gulf between Labour and British voters on the subject of immigration.

A friend emailed me this:

"The reason this is a disaster for Brown is that millions of people think his Government has given up trying to control immigration, this woman expressed concern, and Brown's real view, expressed in private but revealed to us all, is that any one of those millions who questions the open door immigration policy is a BIGOT. That is the true opinion of Brown and his Government. It is a disaster and it will confirm the views of millions that the Government has stopped representing ordinary British people and looks down on us all as ignorant bigots."

I hope Mr Cameron gets an opportunity to hit Brown hard on this issue during tomorrow evening's debate. Thanks to the work of Chris Grayling and Damian Green the Tories have good policies on immigration. It's time to highlight them and contrast them with the Liberal Democrats' crazy proposal of regionalising immigration permits.

Tim Montgomerie


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