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If I'd been in David Cameron's shoes this is what I would have said at the start/ end of last night's Sky debate...

"If you elect a Conservative government you will get what you vote for.

Action will start from day one. In a hung parliament, action will almost certainly be delayed. There may even have to be another election.

If you elect the Conservatives no more powers will ever be given to Europe without a vote of the whole British people.

We will renew Britain’s nuclear deterrent so we are kept safe in a dangerous world.

We will audit international aid spending so money does not line the pockets of corrupt governments, but only goes to the hungriest people in the world.

At the same time we will put a cap on immigration to relieve pressure on our housing, environment and public services.

Labour’s increase in national insurance will be stopped. Dead.

Council tax will be frozen for at least two years.

The NHS budget and pensioners’ benefits will be protected. In particular people suffering from cancer will get the drugs they need because of our crackdown on waste.

We’ll also implement our emergency growth plan so that we start to bring Britain’s budget deficit under control and create new jobs.

Let me give you one other guarantee tonight.

I will not keep Gordon Brown in power.

I do not question Mr Brown’s sincerity but he and the Labour government have done enormous damage to Britain.

Every baby born today carries £23,000 of debt because of Labour.

Because of Mr Brown’s changes to the regulation of the City, banks were not inspected properly.

Most unforgivably, our troops were sent to war without proper equipment.

So, let me be clear: I will end the Labour years.

I will not keep Mr Brown or any of his colleagues in power under any circumstances.

Nick Clegg will not give you that guarantee and because he won’t give you that guarantee you do not know what a Liberal Democrat vote might mean.

Your choice is real change with the Conservatives or a risk of more of the same.

And that is why I am asking for your vote."

Tim Montgomerie


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