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Hundreds of small businessmen rebuff Mandelson and Cable with new letter supporting the Tories on National Insurance

The debate over Labour's proposed rise in National Insurance just won't go away.

When dozens of business leaders supported the Conservative position attacking Labour's National Insurance rise, Lord Mandelson claimed that they had been deceived and dismissed them as "metropolitan-based CEOs".

The Lib Dems' Vince Cable, meanwhile. complained:

"I just find it utterly nauseating all these chairmen and chief executives of FTSE companies being paid 100 times the pay of their average employees lecturing us on how we should run the country. I find it barefaced cheek." 

Well, I wonder what smear they will come up with to attack the Conservatives' latest backers on this. Over 400 people running small and medium sized enterprises - from sole traders to regional employers - have now signed a letter of their own backing the Tory position:

"Between us we run hundreds of small and medium enterprises across the country. Our businesses are at the heart of the economy and the centre of our local communities. For the last two years we have worked hard to protect our staff and businesses through the recession.

"We believe that the Government’s proposal to increase national insurance, placing an additional tax on jobs, comes at exactly the wrong time in the economic cycle. We join leaders of many of the country’s largest businesses in welcoming George Osborne’s plan to stop the proposed increase in national insurance by cutting Government waste.

"In the last two years, businesses have cut their costs without undermining the service they provide to their customers. It is time for the Government to do the same. As taxpayers we would welcome more efficiency in government. As businessmen and women we know that stopping the national insurance rise will protect jobs and support the recovery.

"Cutting government waste won’t endanger the recovery – but putting up national insurance will."

Below is the full list of 415 signatories.

1.                Clive Mollett, Director, 121 Fundraising Ltd
2.                Colin Barrie, Managing Director, A Caulder & Co Ltd
3.                Andy Walters, Managing Director, A Walters Electrical Contractors Ltd
4.                Ian Juckes, Director, Ablemaster Building Services Ltd
5.                John Greves, Owner, Accent Printers
6.                Peter Ellis, Director, Accommodation Unlimited
7.                Bill Boyd, Managing Director, Accord Fire & Security Ltd
8.                Quentin Pain, Chief Executive, Accountz
9.                Aileen Smith, Director, Acodent Dental Laboratory
10.            David Adams, Managing Director, Adams Consulting Group
11.            Martin Ainscough, Managing Director , Ainscough Group
12.            Ian Lynch, Chairman, Air Sea Scotland
13.            John McGlynn, Managing Director, Airlink Group
14.            George Pollock, Managing Director, Alarmfast
15.            John Semple, Director, Albar Landscapes Ltd
16.            Ronnie Bartlett, Managing Director, Albert Bartlett & Sons Ltd
17.            Douglas Harley, Managing Director, Alexander Seed Ltd
18.            Stephen Glaister, Owner, Alresford Linen Company
19.            Huw Ashley, Managing Director, Altus IT Services Ltd
20.            Matthew Pegler , Founder & MD, Altyerre
21.            Stephen Britt, Managing Director, Anchor Storage Ltd
22.            Ros Wolfarth, Director, Anders Travel Ltd
23.            Loghy Porter, Managing Director, Angus Soft Fruits Ltd
24.            Scott Friery, Managing Director, AP Blinds Ltd
25.            John Bell, Managing Director, Armour Construction Consultants
26.            Trevor Pearson, Managing Director, Aston Display Ltd
27.            Graham Ross, Managing Director, Atmosphere Ltd
28.            Angus M Fleming, Managing Director, Aviation Enterprises Ltd
29.            Nigel Elwes, Managing Director, Aylesfield Farms Ltd
30.            Tony Bambridge, Managing Director, B & C Farming Ltd
31.            Pat Byrne, Director, B & P Fabrications Ltd
32.            John Gavin, Managing Director, Base Flooring Ltd
33.            Kevin Storey, Managing Director, Baxter & King Construction Ltd
34.            Robert Russell, Managing Director, Beams International
35.            Howard Gilmour, Partner, Beattie Watkinson Consulting
36.            Robbie Thacker, Managing Director, Bedworth Haulage Company Ltd
37.            Robert Delaney, Managing Director, Belmont Healthcare Ltd
38.            Diane Benussi, Partner, Benussi & Co
39.            John Saunders, Chairman, Berechurch Hall Ltd
40.            Judith Hunt, Chief Executive, BizUnlimited
41.            Johnathan Oliver, Managing Director, Blantyre Park Services Ltd
42.            Steve Right, Managing Director, Blockstone Ltd
43.            Mark Caldwell, Chief Executive, Bluemantle Ltd
44.            Lisa Boogles, Owner, Boogles
45.            Eric Richardson, Managing Director, Boyd & Co
46.            William Frame, Chairman, Braemore Property
47.            Jonathan Levy, Managing Director, British Loose Leaf
48.            Linda Brown, Owner, Brown Commercials
49.            Jeremy Buckley, Chief Executive, Buckley Scott Associates
50.            Gerald Creed, Director, Bugler Coaches Ltd
51.            David Campbell, Director, Building Services Ltd
52.            Charles Burr, Owner, Burfoods Ltd
53.            Christine Williams, Co-owner, Burfords Locksmiths
54.            Alex Marshall, Owner, Business Record Storage
55.            Brian Back, Chairman & Owner, Business Synergies
56.            Sam Butler, Owner, Butler Sherborn
57.            Alan Thornton, Managing Director, Caledonian Industries Ltd
58.            Carole Drewery, Proprietor, Caralan Hair and Beauty
59.            Peter Holdsworth, Managing Director , Carleton Furniture Group
60.            Henry Carver, Managing Director, Carver (Wolverhampton) Ltd
61.            Graeme Dixon, Director, Castcsi & Aim Strategic
62.            David Gawthorpe, Chief Executive, Castings plc
63.            Angus M Fordyce, Owner, Cavens Country House Hotel
64.            James MacAlpine, Managing Director, CBC Glasgow Ltd
65.            Dawn Groom, Managing Director, CCS Ltd
66.            Peter Mundie, Managing Director, Charles Mccrea Ltd
67.            Conway Donovan, Managing Director, Choice Discount
68.            Bob O'Neill, Managing Director, Churchill Filestore
69.            Scott Mackinnon, Managing Director, City Link Dev Co Ltd
70.            Philip Clarke, Managing Director, Clamason
71.            Susan Dixon, Managing Director, Clean Green Services Ltd
72.            Joy Nichols, Owner, CMB Group Lts
73.            Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, Community Internet Group Ltd
74.            Michael Bond, Managing Partner, Corfe Castle Holidays
75.            Mark Linton, Owner, Cork Screw Events
76.            Neville Cormack OBE, Chairman, Cormar Carpets
77.            Simon Nutbrown, Managing Director, Cornflower Ltd
78.            Anne Grierson, Manager, Corson Bakers
79.            John Hardman, Managing Director, Countrywide Farmers plc
80.            Adrian Jones, Director, Covertron
81.            Simon Ball, CEO, Coverzones
82.            Derek Porter, Managing Director, Credential Holdings
83.            Jonathan Law, Director, Credential Residential Ltd
84.            Bill Davies, Partner, CRGP Architects & Surveyors
85.            Simon Brocklebank-Fowler, Managing Director & Founder, Cubitt Consulting
86.            Mark Darbyshire, CEO, Darbyshire & Co
87.            David Cater, Managing Director, David Cater Ltd
88.            Graham George, Managing Director, David Jones & Co Ltd
89.            Alastair Salvesen, Chairman, Dawnfresh Ltd
90.            Sandy Littlejohn, Managing Director, Dental Tech Services
91.            John Depledge, Partner, Depledge Bakery
92.            Alan Torevell, Chairman, Eldercare
93.            Darren Fernie, Owner, DKJ Resolutions & Cafe Energize
94.            Gordon Aikman, Partner, DMA Partnership
95.            Georgine Thorburn, Managing Director , Document SOS
96.            Mary Boughton, Director, Dorwest Herbs Ltd
97.            John O'Brien, Managing Director, Dovetail Human Resource Services
98.            Alex Patrick-Smith, Managing Director, Dreadnought Tiles
99.            D J Timmins , Managing Director, Dudley Mixed Concrete Co Ltd
100.         Paul Cocks, Manager, Dunmurry Ltd
101.         Richard Hill, Owner, E Hill & Son Funeral Directors
102.         Robert Freeman, Director, Eagle Europe Ltd & Pasty Holdings Ltd
103.         Joe Ekens, Managing Director, Eagle Leisure Ltd
104.         Keith Berry, Managing Director, Ecoadapt Ltd
105.         Rajabali Rajabali, Owner, e-foreknowledge
106.         Anton Martiniussen, Director & CEO, Elaflex Ltd
107.         Colin Baley, Managing Director, Emmett UK Ltd
108.         Mr Peter Earp, Managing Director, English Braids Ltd
109.         Anthony Dowse, Executive Chairman, Environ Communities Ltd
110.         David Willey, Managing Director, Equimins Ltd
111.         Eric Smith, Managing Director, Eric Smith Jewellers Ltd
112.         Zaheer Ahmad, Owner, ESA Films Ltd
113.         Wismah Hearnshaw, Managing Director, Extra Hands Ltd
114.         Tim Millward, Founder & Chairman, Extrastaff
115.         Nick Farrows, Chairman, Farrows Ltd
116.         Irene Wilkinson, Director, FAW Electronics & T-mac Technologies Ltd
117.         Rob Simmons, Director, Fensec Ltd
118.         Richard Alger, Chairman, Fermod Ltd
119.         Andy & Liz Kingston, Owners, Fiesta Collectables Ltd
120.         John Fifield FRICS, Chairman, Fifield Glyn Ltd
121.         Martin and Mark Herring, Directors, Filing Services Ltd
122.         Karen Thorpe, Owner, Fitness Systems
123.         Mike Burrows, Managing Director, Fleming Buildings Ltd
124.         Keshavlal V Shah, Director, Flora Fountain Ltd
125.         Paul Oliver, Owner, Floral Design
126.         Bernard Naylor, Owner, Fork Lift Trucks
127.         M Noyan, Owner, Four Seasons Drycleaners
128.         Gareth Fryer, Managing Director, Fryers Nurseries Ltd
129.         Barry Unwin, Managing Director , Fulling Mill Ltd
130.         Jack Butler, Founder & MD, Future Foundations
131.         Steven Hill, Managing Director, G F Hill (Malvern) Ltd
132.         Andrew Lawrence, Managing Director, Gainwell Futures
133.         Stephen Brown, Managing Director, GB Fire Ltd
134.         Colin Chapman, Director, Genesis Financial Services
135.         Paul Bennett, Partner, George Green LLP
136.         Hemant Patel, Managing Director, Geoscan UK plc
137.         Matthew Stuart, Managing Director, Get a Bed
138.         Gil Carvalho, Owner, Gil Carvalho
139.         Roger Gilpin, Partner, Gilpin ESD
140.         Ronnie Mincher, Managing Director, Glenalmond Group
141.         Brian Sherwin, Chairman, Golds Ltd
142.         Shaun Owens, Director, Gorgeous Locations Ltd
143.         John Evans, Director, Gower Consultants Ltd
144.         Gary Eccles, Proprietor, GPE Land and Estate
145.         Kevin Thompson, Director, Green Gardens of Chester Ltd
146.         Angus Armstrong, Chief Executive, Greenvale AP
147.         Tom & Audrey Bowes, Owners, Greycroft
148.         Angus Dixon, Director, Groves Forestry
149.         Grant Gibson, Managing Director, Harview & Co
150.         Damon de Laszlo, Chairman, Harwin plc
151.         Godfrey Taylor, Chairman, Hasgrove plc
152.         Martin Reilly, Director, Hawthorne Boyle Partnership
153.         John Hay, Director, Hay & Anderson (Kilwinning) Ltd
154.         Roger Berry, Managing Director, Healthmatic Ltd
155.         Malcolm Heaver, Managing Director, Heavers of Bridport Ltd
156.         Christopher Groves, Director, Hemera Consulting
157.         Bruce Henry, Director, Henry's Honda
158.         Roger Duckworth, Managing Director, Highland Developments Ltd
159.         Ronnie Hill, Managing Director, Hill & Hay Ltd
160.         Andrea Rodney, Director, Hone-All Precision Ltd
161.         Scott Stewart, Director, Howden Blacksmiths Ltd
162.         Hilary Roberts, Managing Director, HR Consultancy
163.         Hugh Davies, Senior partner, Hugh Davies & Co
164.         John Macaskill, Managing Director, Hugh Muirhead & Son Ltd
165.         David Hogg, Director, Hugh Stirling Ltd
166.         Chris Hopkins, Managing Director, Hydes Brewery
167.         Charlie Barnard, Owner, Hydrotech
168.         Nick Humpish, Managing Director, Hymix Ltd
169.         Peter Keen, Owner, Hypnos Beds
170.         Ian Woolway, Owner, I G Media
171.         Euan Kerr, Managing Director, I H Borland Civil Engineer
172.         Sheena Judd, Partner, Ian Judd & Partners
173.         Nicholas Hanna, Proprietor, Independent Driving School
174.         Simon Cox, CEO, Independent Media Distribution plc
175.         Richard Burgess, CEO, Intelligent Homes Ltd
176.         Craig Champion, Managing Director, ISAI Digital Media Ltd
177.         Frank Lovering, Owner, J & F MOTORS
178.         Steven Lannigan, Managing Director, J & R Anderson Ltd
179.         Jamie Cumming, Director, J M Estates
180.         Richard Lees-Jones, Chairman, J W Lees & Co Brewers
181.         John Whitfield, Partner, J Whitfield & Son
182.         Geoffrey Halstead, Chairman, James Halstead plc
183.         Graham Bentley, Managing Director, Jasun Filtration plc
184.         Christopher Rook, Managing Director, JC Rook and Sons Ltd
185.         Stephen Greenhalgh, Chief Executive, JJO plc
186.         John Cotton, Chairman, John Cotton Group
187.         John di Mambro, Senior Partners, John di Mambro Chartered Accountants
188.         John Pring, Managing Director, John Fisk Estate Agents
189.         Christopher Jolly, Managing Director, Jolly Learning Ltd
190.         Hazel Fisher, Managing Director, Joy Flowers Ltd
191.         Norman Aston, Director, Just Beds
192.         Rita Kakati, Managing Director, KCL
193.         Jamie Maitland, Owner, Kellwood Engineering Ltd
194.         Adam Khan, Founder & Director, Khan Cheema Group
195.         Chris Carrier, Director, Kip FX Design
196.         Mark Warren, Director, Kite Warren & Wilson Ltd
197.         Tony Green, Managing Director, Lancot Solutions Ltd
198.         Steven Miles, Managing Director, Landmark Environmental ltd
199.         Ivor Tiefenbrun, Founder, Linn Products
200.         David Dundas, Managing Director, Lion Industries UK Ltd
201.         Alastair Hitchen, Joint Managing Director , Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils Ltd
202.         Dennis Brown, Partner, Lists UK
203.         Mark Twelves, Managing Director, Litton Property Group
204.         John & Sandra Ing, Owners, Lockmasters Mobile (Canterbury)
205.         Curtis Peters, Director, Logitronics Ltd
206.         David Thornton, Partner, Lymn Harris Thornton Jones
207.         Tim Baker, Managing Director, MAD Knights Ltd
208.         Nadine Gregory, Managing Director, Magic Makeup Ltd
209.         Stephen Maher, Chairman, Maher Ltd
210.         Stephen Mainwaring, Director, Mainwaring Systems Ltd
211.         John Maitland, Managing Director, Maitlands
212.         Andrew Malcolm, Managing Director, Malcolm Group
213.         Peter Harding, Managing Director, Malvern Electrical W/S Ltd
214.         Tony Day, Managing Director, Marrose Engineering
215.         Jim McLaren, Managing Director, McLaren Packaging Ltd
216.         Colin Jarvis, Managing Director, MEMS Power Generation
217.         John Buchan, Director, Memsie Garage
218.         Chris Meiklejohn, Managing Director, MGL ltd
219.         Saira Khan, Founder & CEO, Miamoo
220.         Chris McMail, Managing Director, Microtec Support Ltd
221.         Tom Bradley, Manager, Milne & Barclay Ltd
222.         Donald Parbrook, Director, Milne Craig
223.         Bob Breedon, Proprietor, Milton Engineering
224.         Anthony Massouras, Executive Chairman, Mimosa Healthcare Holdings Ltd
225.         George Morris, Chairman, Morris & Spottiswood
226.         Andrew Morrison, Managing Director, Morrison Land Rover Ltd
227.         Archie Parker, Managing Director, Murchlands Plumbers
228.         Mark Laing, Managing Director, Nairn's Oatcakes
229.         Tom Smith, Chief Executive, Nessco Group Holdings Ltd
230.         Richard Neville, Proprietor, Neville & Co
231.         Sophie Durlacher, Owner, New Baby Company
232.         Patrick Helly, Managing Director, Newpro Foundaries
233.         Keith Wood, Managing Director, Newson Boatbuilders Ltd
234.         Paul Steadman, Owner, Niton
235.         Alan Williams, Managing Director, Nixon Williams Ltd
236.         Karen Venn, Owner, Norburton Hall
237.         Edward Spears, Partner , North Quay Marine Services
238.         John Woodman, Director, Northside Projects (North Sunderland) Ltd
239.         David O'Brien, Managing Director, O’Brien Decorators Ltd
240.         Steven Morris, Managing Director, ODM (UK) Ltd
241.         Richard Oldfield, CEO, Oldfield & Co Ltd
242.         Onita Prasada Vashisht , Owner, O'Nitaa Ltd
243.         Adam Wateley & Colin Banton, Joing Managing Directors, Organic Farm Foods Ltd
244.         Steve Jackson, Managing Director, Organic Potato Growers Scotland Ltd
245.         Linda Saunders, Director, Oundle Spares & Repairs Ltd
246.         Miraj Khan, Founder & CEO, Padmaa
247.         Chris, Mike & Julie Haywood, Partners, Haywood and Co LLP
248.         David Lewis, Chairman, Pasta Foods Ltd
249.         Willie Paterson, Managing Director, Paterson Quarries
250.         Ben Bristow,  Managing Director, Paul Bristow Associates
251.         Paul Ponsonby, Director, Paul Ponsonby Ltd
252.         Rene Pennington, Managing Director, Pennington's Store Data
253.         John Clarke, Founder, Pentland Group
254.         Tilbert Taylor, Owner, Peterhead Hardware and DIY Ltd
255.         Richard Keeling, Owner, Pets Corner
256.         Fintan Walton, Chief Executive, PharmaVentures
257.         Duncan Webster, Director, Phoros Accountancy Ltd
258.         Yvette Craig, Owner & Director, Photography
259.         Duncan Green, Partner, Pick Everard
260.         Richard Champion, Director, Place2let
261.         John Platnauer, Managing Director, Plantnauers Ltd
262.         Simon Hooberman, Proprietor, PLT's
263.         James Hickman, Managing Director, Plumbworld Co Ltd
264.         Sally Hinkley, Owner, Poolside Lodges Selfcatering
265.         Michael Price, Director, Port of Lancaster Smokehouse
266.         John Kerr, Managing Director, Portman Motors Ltd
267.         George Franks, Chairman, Poundfield Products Ltd
268.         Sean Powell, Owner, Powell & Co Property
269.         Peter Everitt, Managing Director, Powerkut Ltd
270.         Bob Robinson, Director, Premier Printers Ltd
271.         Tony Marshall, Group Managing Director, Priory Woodfield Engineering Ltd
272.         William Burgess, Chief Executive, Produce World
273.         Colin Barral, Chairman, Profit Counts Ltd
274.         Patricia Knight, Proprietor, PT Accounts Services
275.         Ajay Chopra, Chief Executive, RAGM
276.         Ian Kennedy, Managing Director, Realstone Ltd
277.         Alex Redston, Managing Director, Redston Systems Ltd
278.         Terry Hunt, Managing Director, Reg's Coaches Ltd
279.         Charles Walker, Managing Director, Reinvent Data Ltd
280.         Chris Bushell, Managing Director, Remit Swindon Ltd
281.         Andrew Moore, Managing Director, Retford Motor Spares Ltd
282.         Ian Baxter, Managing Director, RH Freight
283.         Peter Roy, Director, Richard Pike Associates Ltd
284.         Richard Poyntz, Managing Director, Richard Poyntz Estate Agents
285.         Richard Webster, Managing Director, Richard Webster Nutrition Ltd
286.         Jack Houston, Managing Director, Robert Dick Ltd
287.         David Pochin, Managing Director, Robert Pochin Ltd
288.         Neil Thompson, Managing Director, Rocket Creative Ltd
289.         Paul Chenery, Managing Director & Owner, Rutland Biodynamics Ltd
290.         Leon & Carol Rymer, Owners, Rymer Engineering
291.         Sam Handley, Managing Director, S D Systems 96
292.         Syed Ahmed, Owner, SA Vortex
293.         Tony Barrett, Director, Saffron Brewery
294.         Derek Miller, Managing Director, Scope Bathrooms
295.         Robert Nixon, Managing Director, Scotia House
296.         William McGuire, Managing Director, Scottish Tubes & Fittings
297.         Alison Kimber, Director, Seaward Marine Ltd
298.         Steve Dand, Managing Director, Secure Airparks
299.         Ali Black, Chief Executive, Shapes Ltd
300.         Stephen Short, Owner, Short & Sons (Builders)
301.         Enid & William Hastings, Directors, Sienna Contemporary Jewellery
302.         Ron McLetchie, Managing Director, Silverbank Dev Co Ltd
303.         Mike Bolam, Chief Executive, Skillogy International Ltd
304.         Tom Allison, Chief Executive UK, Smart Metering
305.         James Tennison, Managing Director, Smith's (Harlow) Ltd
306.         Michael Orde , Partner, Smiths Gore
307.         Julie Venn, Owner, Smithys Sandwich Bar
308.         Roger Mount, Owner, Snowshill Alpacas
309.         Roy Hiddleston, Managing Director, Solway Recycling Ltd
310.         Jim Hamilton MBE, Chairman, Soundtex
311.         Simon Clark, Owner, SPC Marketing
312.         Michael Powell, Managing Director, Sphere Consulting Ltd
313.         Callum Gordon, Owner, Splash Gordon Water Features
314.         Mark de Wesselow, Joint Managing Director , Square Meal Publications
315.         Simon Dower, Director, Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd
316.         Bob Hunt, Managing Director, Star Micronics GB Ltd
317.         Stephen Thorne, Owner, Stephen Thorne Cabinet Maker
318.         Joe O’Loughlin, Managing Director, Stereo Stereo
319.         James Vernon, Director, Stohn Ltd
320.         Blair Mckellar, Managing Director, Storage Vault
321.         Jim Harris, Associate Director, Stuart Michael Associates Ltd
322.         Catherine Armstrong, Director, Sunnyhill & Oxenrig Free Range Eggs
323.         Robert Kennedy, Owner, SuperWebs Ltd
324.         Paul Rambridge, Partner, Sweethaven Computers
325.         Lindsay, Director, Swift Hire (NW) Ltd
326.         David McFarlane, Managing Director, T W Scott Ltd
327.         Fazan Tahir, Managing Director , Tafs Food
328.         Robert Fenton, CEO & Founder, Talent Expo
329.         Paul Taroni, Managing Director, Taronis of Birmingham
330.         Taylor Ferguson, Managing Director, Taylor Ferguson Ltd
331.         Jonathan Kennett, Managing Director, Teknek
332.         Mike Waterton, Managing Director, Temp Network Ltd
333.         Michael Hendry, Managing Director , The Blueprint Design Company Ltd
334.         Paul Dobson, Managing Director, The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd
335.         Alex Sandberg, Chairman, The College Group
336.         Alan Frost, Chairman, The Frost Partnership
337.         Geraldine Russell, Director, The Good Food Shop
338.         Peter Stephens, Managing Director, The Lotus Group (DialAFlight)
339.         Toddington Harper, Managing Director, The Low Carbon Economy Ltd
340.         Michael Sheppard, Principal, The Practice Advertising & Marketing
341.         Andrew Sutcliffe, Chief Executive Officer, The Sales Edge Ltd
342.         Paul Ellis, Managing Director, The Skelwith Group
343.         Sara Pearson, CEO, The Spa Way Ltd& COGN8
344.         Adrian Sainsbury, Managing Director, The Value Cars Group Ltd
345.         Eddie Stringer, proprieter, The Windscreen People
346.         Martin Dudley, Joint Managing Director, Thomas Dudley Ltd
347.         Boyd Tunnock , Managing Director, Thomas Tunnoch Ltd
348.         Judith Thorpe & Karen Molloy, Directors, Thorpe Molloy Recruitment Ltd
349.         John Shonfeld, Chairman, Tibard Ltd
350.         Karl Streamer, Managing Director, Tipplers off-licence and Fatty's Bar
351.         Chris Akers, Managing Director , Titan Steel Wheels Ltd& Distribution
352.         Peter Butcher, Managing Director, TMD Technologies Ltd
353.         Richard Topham, Managing Director , Topham Ltd
354.         Ian Lavery, Managing Director, Townhead Carpets Ltd
355.         Tomasz Letniowski, Managing Director , Traductio Ltd
356.         John Gray, Proprietor, Travelbox
357.         Kate Carnegie, Managing Director, Triage Central Ltd
358.         John Fortune-Fraser, Chairman, Tube Developments
359.         Alan Harvey, Partner, TWIMC Dental Surgeons
360.         Christopher Kay, Director, UK Asia Group & Logicor Ltd
361.         Norman Smith, Managing Director, UK Shelving Ltd
362.         Charles Quartley, Chairman, Valeport Ltd
363.         John Willets & Chris Mintern, Joint Managing Directors, Vanguard Foundry
364.         Ian Herbert, Managing Director, Vistair
365.         Bob Bishop, Chief Executive, V-Ships Ship Management
366.         Philippa Juul, Owner, Wade Juul Interiors
367.         John Court, Owner, Walton Salon
368.         Lynn Beasley, Managing Director, Washington Direct Mail
369.         Michael J E Frye CBE, Executive Chairman , WaterCarrier
370.         Howard Wayne, Senior partner, Wayne Leighton Solicitors
371.         Wendy Wills, Managing Director, WAYS2WIN Ltd
372.         Adrian Hawkins, Managing Director, Weldability SIF
373.         Paul Fidler, Managing Director, Wessex Recovery Ltd
374.         Wayne Butterfield, Plant & Transport manager, West Point Construction Ltd
375.         Alastair MacMillan, Director, White House Products Ltd
376.         Philip Holden, Managing Director, Wickstead Playscapes & Fawns Recreationa Services Ltd& Mclays Supplies Ltd
377.         Ian Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson Imports
378.         John Bennet, Chief Executive Partners, Windsor Partners Ltd
379.         Eugene Winter, Owner, Winters Bookmakers
380.         John Greves, Proprietor, Worldwide Music
381.         Shabnum Khan, Owner, Worthing Property
382.         Barry Hersh, Chairman, WTTR Holdings
383.         Murray Yeoman, Partner, Yeoman McAllister Architect
384.         Kamlesh  Patel, Owner, CNP Master News
385.         Richard Prosser, Chairman, Aluminium Products Ltd
386.         Peter Bradley, Director, Bradley and Walker
387.         Joe Cotton, Director, Carter and Bond Ltd
388.         Bruce Meek, Director, BMj Properties
389.         Charles Heron, Director, Keystone Performance Cars
390.         Paul Davies, Director and Branch Manager for Rhos-on-Sea, Bryan Davies & Associates
391.         Ben Cunliffe, Founder & Director, Ben Cunliffe Architects and Landscaping Ltd
392.         Allan Hawkey, Founder & Owner, ClubNet Limited
393.         Barry  Rickman, Founder & Owner, Barry Rickman Photography
394.         James Carroll, Managing Director, Carroll Builders & Contractors
395.         Neil  Crossley, Managing Director, Solihull Transport Ltd
396.         Kim Formhalls, Managing Director, KFD Ltd
397.         David Mason, Managing Director, Mason Evans Partnership
398.         Paul Gil, Owner, Gil & Company
399.         Tony Old, Owner, A.C. Old Tree Care Specialists
400.         Alan Piper, Owner, The Sun Hotel
401.         Ann Prosser, Owner, Hipsley Farm Cottages
402.         J Dawson, Owner, JJ's Delicatessen
403.         David Deerdon, Owner, Withybrook Stables
404.         Terry  Dixon, Owner, AAA Decorators Ltd
405.         Aydin  Kara, Owner, Elite Fish and Chips and Kebab House
406.         Brian Perkins, Owner, Perkins Motor accessories
407.         Jemma  Roddy, Owner, Hairlines
408.         Trevor Jones, Owner & Director, L E Jones Ltd
409.         Brian Larkins, Owner & Founder, VMS (CCTV) Ltd
410.         Omprakash  Gurung, Owner & Manager, Crossed Khukris Restaurant
411.         Steve & Pat Francioni, Owners, Alumhurst Hotel
412.         Mr James Dolan & Mr Lloyd Richards, Partners, Masters and Watkins
413.         N P Bingham, Proprietor, Beaconsfield Wine Cellars
414.         Terrance Evans, Proprietor, H G Evans Garage
415.         John Caulkin, Managing Director, Stratford Tile Warehouse Ltd


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