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How to join the voluntary party's national tour of battleground seats

With the starting whistle on the general election campaign finally expected to be blown on Tuesday, months, indeed years, of campaign planning will finally be put into action by Conservative activists on the ground up and down the country.

Whilst the vast majority of party members will be devoting their efforts to their own constituency or a nearby target seat, there is also the opportunity to join the General Election Volunteer Tour being led by senior members of the voluntary party.

It is the brainchild of Jeremy Middleton, the chairman of the National Convention, and is being led by Emma Pidding and Simon Mort, two Past Presidents of the National Convention, who will be spending the campaign taking a campaigning tour of volunteers to battleground seats across the nation.

Emma explains:

Picture 1 "We will cover three (occasionally two, where geography dictates) target seats, six days a week. Visits will be quick, hard-hitting and effective. The objective of the tour is to galvanise volunteer support in as many battleground seats as possible. This tour is, of course, on top of the majority of the work volunteers will already be doing in the target seats. The itinerary will be fed through the Regional and Area chain as seats come up in the plan. It will commence on Tuesday 6th April through until Wednesday 5th May."

Anyone wanting to join the tour should email Simon Mort.

Jonathan Isaby


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