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Following the General Election on Twitter

Yesterday Grant Shapps explained the usefulness of Twitter.

I'm a big fan and find it a hugely useful source of information. It's like getting short txts from a very informed group of people. The secret is to only follow people who you are interesting!

I've set up a Twitter list of people who are writing insightful Tweets about the General Election. I've mainly including journalists but also some pollsters, politicians and party insiders. You need to sign up to Twitter to use the list but that only takes one minute. Once you've done that, just add this link to your favourites and access it like any other website. I'm confident you'll find it more useful than any other single news source. More useful even than ConHome :-)

I've also set up three other lists:

I hope you find them helpful.

Tim Montgomerie

PS CCHQ have prepared lists for MPs, PPCs and CCHQ staff.


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