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'Fire up the Quattro' is your favourite poster

I asked yesterday for you to vote for your favourite of seven Tory posters...


Six of them were, I think, designed by expensive agencies and one emerged from within the CCHQ staff team and the 'home-made' one won your support. 56% of 1,546 Conservative members voted for the 'Fire up the Quattro' design. You can buy the poster on a T-shirt here.

The 'Vote for Me' series of posters was next most popular with 18% of votes. ConHome readers must really love the 80s!

The first mention of the 'Fire up the Quattro' idea comes from the Twitter feed of Mesh Chhabra. Mesh is George Osborne's press officer:

Screen shot 2010-04-12 at 23.45.21 The Quattro theme inspired this spoof of Labour's manifesto cover. I wonder what Audi make of it all!

The full ConHome survey results will appear tomorrow. Voting closes at 5pm today.

Tim Montgomerie


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