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Eric Pickles: Today we published a serious manifesto for serious times

Party Chairman Eric Pickles gives his daily take on the election campaign.

The left just doesn’t get it; they see everything through the eyes of state provision. They think unless it is provided centrally through a quango or through local government that somehow it is not legitimate. Today we demonstrated clearer than any other single promise how different we are from the Labour Party, we trust people.

David showed there was another way where we liberate workers from the monotony and the uniformity of state provision. Over the years I can think of numerous occasions where people in Local Government departments or the Health Service have said to me the Government makes us do it this way, but we could deliver it better, cheaper and more efficiently if they only let us. Under our reforms they can. We are going to oversee the greatest flowering of the cooperative movement.  We can take pride that our school reforms will produce better state education and more power to parents and teachers.

Ours is a serious manifesto for serious times, we offer a change of direction and a chance for the British people to join in with Government in solving the many problems that face our county.

Picture 43 The manifesto was greeted with equal enthusiasm in Nottingham where I went to launch the manifesto in the East Midlands (as you can see in Jonathan Marsh's photo - click it to enlarge and see how many candidates you recognise). From the centre of Nottingham overlooking Nottingham countryside I met with candidates and workers in our key target seats. They reported to me a growing weakness in the Labour vote and a recognition that their area could deliver David a majority.

There was a launch in every region of England and there will be a separate launch in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

If you want a copy of the manifesto it is available to download for free online from the party website or can be purchased at all good bookstores.

Free copies are also available in Braille, Easy Read, audio and large print. To obtain a copy of these alternative formats please email Warren.

We are just a couple of days away from the Leaders’ debate. Following the success of the watch parties held earlier this year we are organising a series for fellow Conservatives to come together to watch the Leaders’ debates in each other company. If you want to organise a party, click here.

Eric Pickles


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