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ConservativeHome's General Election coverage

During the General Election campaign ConHome will be beefing up our coverage.

At midday each weekday Nick Wood will be writing High Noon. Nick was a journalist at The Times and The Express before joining William Hague as a chief press adviser. Head of Media at CCHQ until 2003 and now running Media Intelligence Partners, Nick will be provided an insider guide to the campaigns of all the parties.

At about 6pm each day Tory Chairman Eric Pickles will be giving the official view. His Tea With Pickles column - which started yesterday evening - will give the view from CCHQ. We'll learn what the party has been doing that day and get an insight into the party's key messages.

At 10.15pm Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and co-founder of YouGov, will comment on the opinion polls. He'll look beneath the headline figures and give us his view of the ways in which public opinion is trending.

In addition the core ConHome team - myself, Jonathan Isaby and Paul Goodman - will be providing round-the-clock blogging. We'll be watching the media for bias, we'll be hosting reports from battleground seats and examining the impact of new media. We're meeting late this afternoon to put final touches to our plans. if you have any ideas for the kind of coverage you want please leave comments in the thread below or get in touch.

Tim Montgomerie

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