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Cameron says richest public sector worker should not get paid more than twenty times poorest public sector worker

That's the Tory leader's pledge in tomorrow's Guardian. In a dramatic and controversial bid to position the Tories as the party of greater equality Mr Cameron writes:

"The government plays an important role in helping to shape society, so if we win the election we will set up a fair pay review to investigate pay inequality in the public sector. Some of our most successful private sector companies operate a pay multiple, meaning that the highest paid person doesn't earn more than a certain multiple of the lowest paid. We will ask the review to consider how to introduce a pay multiple so that no public sector worker can earn over 20 times more than the lowest paid person in their organisation. There are many complex questions that the review will need to address, but I am confident it will not only help tackle unfair pay policies, it will improve cohesion and morale in the public sector too."

Full article here.

Tim Montgomerie


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