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Are these the five policy keys to Downing Street?

In his News of the World column Fraser Nelson says there are five keys to Downing Street: immigration, education, defence, crime and jobs. He uses his column to set out the winning Tory policies in each area.

6a00d83451b31c69e20133ecacceb3970b-500wi The biggest issue missing from that list is the whole anti-politics thing. That is key to Nick Clegg's surge. The idea that he is not a 'Labservative' offering up the same old politics - even though his party is immersed in the political gravy train. ConHome readers said MPs' expenses was one of the top four issues being discussed by voters.

I also think Tory pledges on cancer care drugs and access to an NHS dentist are winning ideas.

So if I had to list the top five policy issues for the remaining 18 days until the election I would suggest immigration, NHS, crime, jobs (which includes tax and growth) and political reform.

Tim Montgomerie


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