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Angus Reid/Sunday Express poll has Tory lead at 11% as voters slam Labour's record on immigration

Tomorrow's Sunday Express carries an opinion poll conducted by Angus Reid covering the usual voting intention question and several questions on immigration. The survey of 1,991 adults was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday.

On voting intention, the parties are on the following standings:

ARSE Comparisons are with the Angus Reid poll for Political Betting published on Wednesday evening. It has since been pointed out in comments below that AR amended the figures on Wednesday night, so the changes should in fact be Con +1, Lab -1 and Lib Dems -2.

Here are the findings on the immigration questions:

  • 42% think Labour’s policies on immigration have been “generally a failure” and 33% believe they were “more of a failure than a success”;
  • 4% of Britons think Labour’s immigration policies have been a success for the country;
  • 84% regard unlimited immigration as bad for Britain;
  • 41% of people back the Conservatives as the party most likely to curb immigration, compared with just
    12% who endorsed Labour.

Asked which of five issues was their chief concern, voters responded by saying:

  • The Economy - 61%
  • Immigration - 20%
  • Health - 11%
  • Education - 5%
  • Defence - 3%

GREEN-DAMIAN-RED-TIE Shadow immigration minister Damian Green responds to the survey's findings in tomorrow's Sunday Express by saying:

“I am not surprised that almost the entire country recognises the complete failure of Labour’s immigration policies. A Conservative Government would make a big cut in the amount of net immigration into this country every year. We would have a limit on work permits and would insist that anyone who comes here to get married must speak English. We would sort out the student visa chaos and would introduce a specialist border police to fight illegal immigration. We will be explaining these policies to people over the next few weeks before the election.”

> There is also a YouGov poll tonight showing a 10% Conservative lead

Jonathan Isaby


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