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You can sell austerity

CableVinceWide Many commentators wrongly blame the austerity message for the Tory poll slippage.

Although there is not one single explanation I trace it to the Lisbon announcement and an unfair sense that Cameron couldn't be trusted to keep his word.

I've just listened to Radio 4's Any Questions? programme.

Vince Cable was its star.

The Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman said that he had outlined five times as many cuts as George Osborne and Darling. Lots of applause. 

He said that it was wrong to ring-fence any departmental budgets because it would require even deeper cuts elsewhere. Lots of clapping.

He said that the cuts would need to be deeper than the Thatcher years. Voters deserved honesty about correcting the deficit, he said. Again, applause.

Austerity can be sold.

Tim Montgomerie

Saturday morning, 8am: Dizzy agrees: "Yes, you really can sell austerity".


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