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Trevor McDonald meets David Cameron

Highlights of the programme, beginning at 10.15pm on ITV1, will be blogged below with newest observations at top of post.

11.12pm: Programme ends with Fraser Nelson saying Cameron has has a very big job ahead of him or a very long holiday. We see Cameron looking very nervous as he prepares to walk on stage before his without-notes Brighton speech.

Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 23.10.2711.07pm: Brief appearance by George Osborne before Cameron describes Samantha Cameron as his "secret weapon".

We have some adverts in the gap! Lancome and Mars' Galaxy.. the Galaxy ad has a green spin so Cameron'll like that!

11pm: Cameron says he doesn't regret the new year posters - although he admits the spoofs were better than CCHQ's own. He particularly liked the Elvis one. The picture was not airbrushed, he insists; I have a natural baby face!

10.57pm: David Cameron says Sam gives him a 40,000 ft view of politics, lifts him away from the detail. Sam says they have a very equal relationship. Says he is very bad at picking up his clothes and loves watching the Godfather films ("again and again").

CamSamBW 10.52pm: We see Cameron in a car and a train (with John Smith bitter next to him), saying how much he tries to get home to his family. "They only grow up once," he says. Friend of Cameron tells about David Cameron's eyes filling with tears at Ivan's funeral. Cameron says that he did think about stopping politics after Ivan died but became resolved to carry on.

Like with Piers Morgan meets Brown, no ads between the segments of the programme.

10.48pm: Cameron revisits Birmingham Muslim family he stayed with three years ago.

10.45pm: My leadership of Tories hasn't been easy, he says, but has involved big fights over getting more women and ethnic minorities selected. John Major pays tribute to Cameron making the party appear much less middle class, very quickly. Eric Pickles tweets:

Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 22.50.00 10.45pm: William Hague says 2005 speech to Party Conference won Cameron the leadership.

10.40pm: Photos of David Cameron in CCHQ call centre, do-nuted by women and minorities.

10.39pm: Samantha Cameron appears and talks about falling in love with "Dave".

10.36pm: Cameron says he has good friendships in politics - like with George Osborne - but it won't ever stop him sacking people if necessary. He cites Patrick McLoughlin, William Hague and Eric Pickles as people from earthy backgrounds. William Hague couldn't find Notting Hill with a map, he jokes.

10.30pm: Five minutes of seeing David Cameron on the train, visiting Birmingham Edgbaston and then a Cameron Direct event in Bolton.

10.25pm: Picture of a very young Cameron with his shirt off! Followed by tributes to his parents. I hope, says Cameron, I've inherited my father's optimism.

Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 22.25.22 10.20pm: Programme begins with David Cameron jogging!

Five 'watch parties' are happening tonight, as a trial run for testing the technology that will be used for the election debates:

  1. Newcastle (Dom Llewellyn) - Picture.
  2. Wandsworth (Shane Greer and other young Conservative types - TwitPic)
  3. Birmingham (Uni CF) - TwitPic
  4. Pendle (Andy Stephenson)
  5. Liverpool (Tony Caldeira etc) - TwitPic

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