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Tory lead narrows to 7% with ICM as 34% of voters indicate a hung parliament would be best for the country

Tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph carries an ICM poll in which the Conservative lead is 7%, down from 9% in the ICM poll for the News of the World last Sunday. The figures are:

Conservatives - 38% (-2)
Labour - 31% (no change)
Lib Dems - 21% (+3)

The poll was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday and the Tory lead is the narrowest of an ICM poll for two years, with the figures computing into the Conservatives being 34 seats short of a Commons majority, according to UK Polling Report, although it does show Mr Cameron still being more trusted by voters than Gordon Brown on the economy, education and the NHS.

However, whilst 56% of people want one party to win a clear majority, a worrying 34% think the country's interests would “best be served” if the election resulted in a hung parliament. Mark Field MP wrote about the dangers of a hung parliament here in December and it would seem to me that these concerns need to be spelled out even more clearly and shouted a little louder.

More on the Telegraph website.

8.45pm update:

The YouGov tracker poll for the Sunday Times has a 1% increase in the Tory lead as compared with Friday:

Conservatives - 37% (no change)
Labour - 33% (-1)
Lib Dems - 17% (no change)

Jonathan Isaby


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