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Tory lead down to 4% in YouGov/Sun tracker

The Tories are down 3% to 36% in tonight's YouGov/Sun tracker.

Labour are down 2% to 32%.

The LibDems are on 20%, up 4%.

Another poll, Harris for Metro apparently has the Conservatives 8% ahead (37% to 29%).

Tim Montgomerie

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 08.50.21 Wednesday morning, 8.45am update

More on that Harris poll for The Metro: "Just 66 per cent of those who backed Labour in 2005 intend to vote for the party now, the research showed. It compares with 86 per cent of Conservative supporters who say they will back the party again. The Liberal Democrats have also shed a third of their 2005 voters, according to our poll. However, the Conservatives, who have an eight-point lead, will still fall 18 seats short of claiming an outright majority in the Commons."

More from The Sun's YouGov poll: 32% think progress has been made in reducing the crime rate. 64% think no or not much progress has been made.


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