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Tory lead back up to 9% in ICM/ News of the World poll

259 The Conservatives are on 40% (up 3%), Labour are on 31% (up 1%) and the LibDems are on 18% (down 2%). More here. Quite a relief after a tricky week.

There'll be a YouGov poll along later too.

Tim Montgomerie

9.30pm: The YouGov tracker for The Sunday Times points to a closer race: Conservatives are on 38%, Labour 33%, Liberal Democrats 17%.

Sunday morning, 8.30am: A BPIX poll for the Mail on Sunday (BPIX is essentially a YouGov poll with slightly different methodologies) has the Tories just 2% ahead. The Conservatives are on 36% and Labour on 34%. More worringly, the poll suggests that the Tory lead in marginal seats isn't much better than the national average. Scroll down this page to see the numbers


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