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Tories most trusted on family policy

Within his speech at the Tory Spring Forum David Cameron promised to build the most family-friendly nation in Europe:

"We're going to start with the most family-friendly manifesto that any party has produced in British political history.  We're going to set out how we're going to recognise marriage in the tax system, how we're going to support couples in the benefits system, how we're going to give the right to flexibility to everyone with children up to the age of 18, how we're going to have a new army of health visitors to help mum and dad when the new child arrives, how we're going to do all these things to help all our families in all of our country."

Screen shot 2010-03-02 at 08.51.06We published the headline figures last night but within the detail of the YouGov/ Sun poll there is encouraging news for the Conservatives on the family:

  • 32% of voters say they most trust the Conservatives to stand up for "the right kind of family values". That's nearly twice as many as Labour, stuck on just 17%.
  • With Brown and Cameron portrayed as figures from The Simpsons, the Tory leader also enjoys a clear 37% to 27% lead in being seen as "a good family man".
  • 43% back Tory policy on marriage breaks, as likely to make a difference to society. 40% do not.
  • 72% of voters believe that the family has broken down in recent years and 43% blame the Labour government's benefits system.

The family is one of the party's six key pledges. A full list of Conservative family policies can be read here.

Tim Montgomerie


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