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Tories 9% ahead in new Guardian/ICM poll... 11% in Express poll... 5% in YouGov tracker

The Conservatives are on 40% (up 2% on yesterday's ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph).

Labour are unchanged on 31%.

The LibDems are down 1% on 20%.

More at The Guardian.

This will settle a few Tory nerves. CCHQ will be particularly pleased to see support back at 40%.

It is only one survey, of course. The daily YouGov/Sun poll will be out at 10pm.

Express 7pm: The new weekly Opinium poll for The Express has the Tory lead at 11%.  The Conservatives are up 2% to 39% on last week. Labour are down 2% to 28%. The LibDems are unchanged on 16%.

Opinium surveyed 1,951 adults in England, Wales and Scotland for the voter intention survey March 12-15.

10pm: The YouGov/Sun daily tracker produces a more modest Conservative lead.

The Conservatives are unchanged on 37%. Labour falls 1% to 32%. The LibDems enjoy a Conference bounce, rising 4% to 21%.

Tim Montgomerie


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