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Samantha Cameron has never voted Labour

CAMERON MR&MRS I report this important fact because readers of The Mail on Sunday will wake up in the morning to a front page splash suggesting that the Tory leader's wife supported Tony Blair.

CCHQ are insisting tonight that Mrs Cameron never voted Labour and in 1997 took five weeks off work to support her husband's unsuccessful campaign to become MP for Stafford.

Apparently Ed Vaizey free-ranged a little too wildly about Mrs Cameron to Andrew Rawnsley for his forthcoming Channel 4 documentary.  Mr Rawnsley is certainly making news atm.

Tim Montgomerie

10.45pm Statement from Ed Vaizey MP: "I am very embarrassed by this.  I had no justification for what I said.  The only thing I do know from seeing David and Sam for many years is that Sam worked night and day on David's campaign in 1997 in Stafford and, as she said, has never voted Labour."


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