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Opinium/Express poll has Tory lead back at double figures

The latest Daily Express/Opinium Research poll has the Tories with a lead of 10%, up three points from last week. The parties' standings are:

Opinium The fieldwork for the poll was carried out between Friday and today.

At least two more polls are due this evening - ComRes for the Independent and YouGov for The Sun.

9.30pm update

Andrew Grice from The Independent has blogged that the Tory lead in tonight's ComRes poll is 7%. More details will follow at 10pm...

10pm update:

The full details of the ComRes poll for tomorrow's Independent are:

ComRes Comparisons are with the ComRes poll at the beginning of the month.

Other findings from the poll include:

  • 50% of people think it would be unthinkable to elect Gordon Brown as Prime Minister for the next five years, while 44% disagree;
  • But 51% say they personally feel no enthusiasm for the Conservative Party, with 42% disagreeing;
  • 38% believe the country would be better off with a hung parliament and coalition government, while 53% disagree;
  • By a margin of 46% to 41%, people do not agree with David Cameron’s statement that the lobbying scandal which engulfed Labour last week is worse than the sleaze scandals that affected John Major’s Tory Government in the 1990s.

10.30pm update:

Anthony Wells reports the YouGov daily tracker poll for The Sun as:

Yg Jonathan Isaby


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