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My verdict on TM meets DC

TMmeetsDCTrevor McDonald meets David Cameron won't have done the Tory cause any harm at all. The Conservative leader came over as down-to-earth and likeable. Samantha Cameron, in particular, can be very proud of her first TV outing. They are clearly a couple in love. The line that struck me most was David Cameron saying that she gave him a 40,000 ft perspective - lifting him above the detail.

The challenge for the Conservatives isn't to make Cameron seem likeable, however, but strong. Most voters already think that he's a nice guy but too many doubt that he's a heavyweight. There are, however, lots of reasons for voters to think he is a strong man - particularly because of his honesty about Britain's challenges. I'll write more about this tomorrow.

Tim Montgomerie

> Read ConHome's bullet point review of Trevor McDonald meets David Cameron.

Midnight: Iain Dale is very positive, suggesting he'd send a DVD of the interview to every voter.

12.30pm: 'Trevor McDonald gets David Cameron back on track' concludes Benedict Brogan.

Monday morning: You can watch the programme via the ITV player.


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