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May, Spelman and Warsi must be leading Tory voices

3 Ridley Grove wants David Davis and John Redwood back in the Shadow Cabinet.  Tim believes that Chris Grayling should be our devil dog.  Over at Coffee House, Peter Hoskin wants Ken Clarke to bare his fangs.  Feel the testosterone!

But where's the oestrogen?  Don't get me wrong.  Brown is wrecking Britain.  Fury is justified.  But during the coming campaign, the Shadow Cabinet shouldn't come on like the Hound of the Baskervilles - which ended up, after all, being shot.

We need a variety of voices and accents; to vary the tone and pitch.  The scalpel will do as well as the bludgeon.  Hague, Clarke and Grayling understand this very well.  But so do, say, Caroline Spelman and Theresa May - both of whom are now very savvy media performers.

In short, we must concentrate the minds of floating voters on the disaster of a fourth Labour term or a hung Parliament - and how either would detonate market mayhem, sending the pound diving, mortgages soaring and prices rising.

Spelman and May could quietly but adeptly spell out the threat.  If CCHQ is searching for another voice, they should try using Sayeeda Warsi more.  The Nick Griffin Question Time was a thorny assignment and she handled it adroitly.

Paul Goodman

> Over on the Interviews blog, Paul Goodman interviews another leading Tory woman, Theresa Villiers


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