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Banging the lecturn, Cameron attacks Labour ministers as "appalling people" lying about Tory intentions

Highlights, not verbatim, of Cameron's press conference. Most recent at top of post.

10.12pm: Voters think MPs are all "sleazy pigs", says Cameron, but they are not. Press conference ends.

10.08pm: Conservatives will keep the Winter Fuel Allowance, Free TV Licence and Free Bus Pass. Labour is lying about Tory intentions in letters to marginal constituents, says Cameron as he repeatedly thumps lecturn. Labour ministers are "appalling people", Cameron continues, and the sooner they are out of office the better.

9.57pm: Cameron says the prospects of international consensus on a banking tax are good. If international agreement is limited the tax itself will be limited in order to avoid losing banks to overseas jurisdictions.

U-turn_icon 9.51am: Answering Macer Hall of The Express David Cameron says that the Trade Union Modernisation Fund will be suspended but the Learning Fund will continue. [This is the exact opposite of what TWO senior CCHQ officials told me yesterday.]

 9.50am: In answer to a question from Adam Boulton the Tory leader says he still supports an elected House of Lords but given the country's perilous state it is not a priority.

9.45am: Inaction risks the recovery. We need to cut spending now if interest rates are not to rise. We don't have time to waste. The longer you leave a debt - just like a credit card bill - the worse it becomes. But it's also important to boost economic growth. Within the first 50 days of a Tory government there'll be an emergency budget that will include a host of measures to make Britain the best place to do business.

Screen shot 2010-03-23 at 09.59.419.40am: He says he was disgusted by Dispatches programme. He promises doubling of periods during which ex-ministers cannot take advantage of their previous position. Because of conflicts between what Stephen Byers said and what ministers are saying, there needs to be a full inquiry including examination of telephone logs. If the issue is serious enough for the three MPs to be suspended, it is serious enough for there to be a full examination.

Conservative MP John Butterfill will not get peerage, says Cameron.

Tim Montgomerie


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