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David Cameron refuses to take his MP's pay rise - and ministers in any government of his would have to follow suit

David Cameron waist up The 1.5% MPs' pay rise which kicks in next month, just weeks before the general election, caused much consternation in the press this morning.

I have just had it confirmed to me by his spokesman that David Cameron - who gets a salary as Leader of the Opposition (currently £73,617) additional to the basic MP's salary - will not take the 1.5% increase in pay next month. The same goes for the Opposition Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip who also receive a salary for carrying out those duties.

Moreover, whilst all other Conservative MPs are free to take the 1.5% rise next month (worth an extra £971), they will have to forfeit it in the event of becoming a minister if a Conservative Government is elected at the general election.

That is in addition to the existing Conservative commitment to cut all ministerial salaries by 5% on taking office, and freeze them for the duration of the Parliament.

Jonathan Isaby


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