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Blue on blue

Cameron-blue-on-blue There is constructive criticism and there is destructive criticism. There is a time for debate on the Right and a time to either be silent or gun for Labour. At the moment there's too much ill-discipline on our side of the fence.

This close to a General Election is a time for people on the right to weigh their words carefully. Do they really want to help re-elect a government that has taken state spending to more than 50% of GDP? The Cameron-led Conservative Party isn't perfect but this election isn't a choice between a perfect and an imperfect Toryism but between Brown's big state interventionism and David Cameron's alternative. 

Someone who should know better is former Tory Chairman Norman Tebbit but, yesterday, he was warning Cameron that time was running out for him to offer something distinctive - failing to even mention Cameron's bold National Insurance policy, made 24 hours earlier.

Also at The Telegraph, Douglas Murray is arguing 'Why the Conservatives deserve to lose'.

Also at The Telegraph, Gerald Warner declares 'Most Tories hate David Cameron and cannot wait to see him crash and burn'.

Also at The Telegraph, Michael Deacon compares Cameron and Osborne to "spoilt" children.

Also at The Telegraph (are you noticing a pattern?), Simon Heffer is calling for George Osborne to be replaced by Ken Clarke. Crazy stuff at this stage in the electoral cycle.

In the Daily Mail Amanda Platell devotes her whole column to attacking 'dress down Dave'.

Peter Hitchens brings out a book to attack 'the Cameron delusion'.

I think it's legitimate to offer suggestions to fine tune strategy but Labour must be cheering Hitchens and Heffer on.

It's worth noting that if there's ill-discipline amongst the commentariat there's enormous discipline within the parliamentary party. There are almost no noises off. Good for our MPs and peers.

Tim Montgomerie


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