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Why, Mr Dacre, haven't you declared war on Labour?

The Sun backed the Tories six months ago and has been publishing fiery stuff against Labour ever since. Today it warns that Britain is heading to the rocks under Brown.

The Telegraph has become increasingly positive since Simon Heffer lost his role in setting the newspaper's opinion stance. The Cameroonian Benedict Brogan is now a leading influence.

The Express has been on side for some time and, recently, Cameron gave it one of his best, most earthy interviews.

Most centre right commentators have become more positive.

But what about The Mail? Alongside The Guardian it is Britain's most important newspaper. If The Guardian is the newspaper of the ideas class, The Mail is the roar of middle England. Since last year's Party Conference The Guardian has taken a noticeable Left turn with constant attacks on the Tories. It knows what's at stake.

DAILY-MAILYou would have thought the election was an equally easy choice for The Mail.

In the blue corner you have a party that wants to bring immigration down to the level of the mid 90s and in the red corner you have the party that has allowed immigration to run out of control.

In the blue corner you have the party of IDS and marriage. In the red corner you have the party of Ed Balls and political correctness.

In the blue corner you have the party with ambitions to cut inheritance tax, corporation tax, family tax and freeze council tax. In the red corner you have the party of 100 tax rises.

I could go on!

Of course, the Tories aren't perfect but (as I've said before) this election isn't a choice between a perfect and an imperfect Conservative Party but between a failed Labour Party and a Conservative Party with big ambitions for the family, schools reform, transparency in government and corporate tax reform.

I have little doubt that The Mail will endorse Cameron eventually but we need Paul Dacre's support now. Instead we have constant noises off. Yesterday Andrew Pierce published a document from 2002 to embarrass the Conservatives. Today Amanda Platell's pen is turned against David Cameron. There are many more examples. Come on, Mr Dacre. Your country needs you.

Tim Montgomerie


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