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Tory members support return of IDS and David Davis

This weekend's Sunday Telegraph speculated that Iain Duncan Smith will join the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Children and Social Justice if David Cameron becomes Prime Minister:

"The new "DCSJ" would take over responsibility for family policy and enable Mr Cameron to claim that the drive to do more to help the poor and fix Britain's "broken society" was at the heart of the first Conservative government for 13 years. It could also see a Cabinet post for Mr Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, who resigned after pressure from inside the party in 2003 but who has since rebuilt his political reputation as founder and head of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)."

IDS' return would be popular with the Tory grassroots. 2018 members took part in a survey on Sunday and Monday and voted in large numbers for IDS and David Davis to return:

Screen shot 2010-02-01 at 20.39.02 Foolishly I missed John Redwood off the list as many of you complained in the 'Other' box. I suspect he would have scored highly too.

Tim Montgomerie


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