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Tory lead 10% in Populus poll

PopulusThe Conservative lead is 10% in a Populus poll for tomorrow's Times.

In the FT Philip Stephens urges Conservatives to keep calm:

"It is too soon for Mr Cameron to panic. His party is still nine points ahead. Assuming it does moderately well in the marginals, that would assure a comfortable majority. The opinion poll number that really matters is the one recording Labour support. It has been stuck at 30 per cent or below for all but the first few months of Mr Brown’s premiership. The message there is that voters still think it is time for a change. Were Labour’s backing to rise to, say, 35 per cent, Mr Brown would seem less eccentric in his hopes."

Over on PoliticalBetting today, there is a suggestion that the Tories could win an overall majority with just a 5%/6% lead.

Tim Montgomerie


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