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Tories recalibrate green message for lean times

Lean&GreenRepresentatives of fifty Tory councils gathered in London today to make the case that going green could save money.

The Conservatives are contrasting blue-green policies on the environment which encourage people to do the right thing with 'red green' policies that "demonise" people and impose extra taxes and penalties.

Three shadow cabinet members delivered the same message to the gathering:

DSC04148 Shadow Environment Secretary, Nick Herbert: “Conservative councils are already showing that going green and saving money can be two sides of the same coin.  An agenda which relies on penalties and regulation is the wrong way to build support for environmental protection and can be harmful to the economy.  Green policies should encourage people and businesses to do the right thing and contribute towards the growth which Britain needs.” (full speech).

Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary Greg Clark: “I am delighted to work together with Conservative councils on our Green Deal. This will help millions of families to benefit from energy efficiency improvements to their homes - creating jobs and tackling fuel poverty in their areas.  Energy efficiency is a triple win for the whole country.  It saves money, it saves energy, and its saves our environment.”

Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Caroline Spelman: “Conservative councils already charge lower council tax, have greener streets and the highest satisfaction ratings. A fourth term Labour Government will only impose more taxes, fines and charges. A Conservative Government will work with councils to deliver better value for money and a better quality of life for the communities they serve.”

Tim Montgomerie


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