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The Tories' Titchmarsh strategy

Although David Cameron has rejected the opportunity for a prime time interview with Piers Morgan the Tory leader is determined, nonetheless, to give lots of time to 'non-news media'.

In the last week he has talked about his love of darts, Guinness and Lark Rise to Candleford in an interview for Shortlist. Read the whole thing.

He told Woman's Hour that he didn't like his daughter listening to Lily Allen (Bryony Gordon salutes him for that today).

And, from today's Times, we learn that he'll soon be appearing on Alan Titchmarsh's daytime chatshow and also BBC1's One Show.

I expect many ConHome readers to be snooty about these sort of interviews but they are a vital way of reaching voters who don't regularly watch the Ten 'o'clock News or read a daily newspaper.

Tim Montgomerie


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