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Tax cuts feature prominently in six Tory election pledges, unveiled tonight

Screen shot 2010-02-26 at 22.54.05 Later than some of us would want but tonight the Tories have unveiled six key pledges for the election campaign. They are set out in the Daily Mail graphic on the right. They're good, very good.

I particularly like...

The clear message that the Tories will cut the deficit more quickly and relating that to low mortgage rates.

I like the emphasis on tax cuts and growth. This is also emphasised in The Telegraph. There are no new tax commitments within what is the newspaper's front page splash but, importantly, there's urgency. The party is now talking about cutting business taxes within 50 days of any victory in order to get the economy motoring.

I like the fact that the commitment to recognise marriage is re-emphasised.

I like the anti-politics flavour of pledge six. Anger at MPs hasn't gone away among voters and we need to be the anti-establishment party.

I regret that immigration is not one of the pledges but it is difficult to turn up the volume on the issue while our opinion poll position is somewhat weaker. From a stronger position in the polls David Cameron should talk more about immigration. It will increase any Tory majority.

Tim Montgomerie


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