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More clues as to which of the Shadow Cabinet could expect to make the transfer straight into their roles in government

A regular topic of speculation and discussion in Westminster is which of the Shadow Cabinet would make the transfer to an actual Conservative Cabinet, and in which jobs.

In his speech to the spring forum this afternoon, David Cameron gave the clearest signal yet that he would not want to make radical changes to the top table when he said:

"I believe in finding good people, trusting them and letting them get on with the job."

The following members of the Shadow Cabinet were name-checked by the Tory leader and linked to the keeping their job in government:

  • George Osborne: "There's someone who's got the courage to deal with our deficit and our debt"
  • Ken Clarke: "I can see in Ken Clarke someone who's got all the experience of how we're really going to get our economy going again"
  • Theresa May: "Someone who's got the passion to get our country working again"
  • Liam Fox: "He would be a brilliant Secretary of State for Defence"
  • Andrew Lansley: "Knows more about our NHS than I think anyone else alive and he would make a great Health Secretary"
  • William Hague: "I think would be the finest Foreign Secretary this country has had for a generation"

He also commended "the team led by Michael Gove" for what they are going to deliver in schools and Sayeeda Warsi for having "destroyed that ghastly piece of filth, Nick Griffin" on Question Time.

Also, in terms of candidates who represent the changing face of the parliamentary party, the following were name-checked:

  • Charlotte Vere (Brighton Pavilion, where the forum was taking place)
  • Kwasi Kwarteng (Spelthorne)
  • Sam Gyimah (Surrey East)
  • Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones (Chippenham)
  • Shaun Bailey (Hammersmith)
  • Helen Grant (Maidstone and the Weald)
Jonathan Isaby


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