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Labour don't deserve defeat, they deserve annihilation

I'm not an uncritical supporter of David Cameron...

The Tory deficit reduction plan is imperfect but, as I argued last night, it has a clear goal and will be achieved more sensibly than Labour plan.

The CCHQ operation needs to become more disciplined. Yesterday's overselling of Lord Stern's advisory role was another unnecessary self-inflicted wound. Perhaps the party needs a Lynton Crosby figure to co-ordinate election time operations?

...but now is the time for every patriotic Tory to get behind the Conservative leader.

Tomorrow I'm going to write my case for voting for David Cameron with enthusiasm but, today, let's remember what Labour has done to this country and get angry at what it might do if it gets the opportunity to stay in power.

The ExpressExpress offers us a timely reminder in its leader column:

"This Prime Minister has wrecked private occupational pensions, spread welfare dependency and attempted to dismantle our national identity through multi-culturalism, mass immigration and Euro-federalism. He has run up debts that will take generations to clear and created a prohibitively expensive public sector."

He also sent our troops to war on a peacetime budget. He underfunded the prisons service so that thousands of convicts have been released without serving even half of their sentences. He has raised the tax burden on the poorest. He has penalised two parent families. He sold our gold reserves at knockdown prices. He has allowed grade inflation in schools. He has stuffed the quangocracy with Labour placeman. He downgraded the office of Prime Minister by presiding over a smear operation at Number Ten.

If he stays in power we can expect him to introduce an electoral system that experts say will have made Tony Blair's 1997 landslide even bigger.

We will see the tentacles of Harriet Harman's Equalities Agenda reach deep into national life.

We will continue to see the south and rural Britain starved of investment as Labour sinks all resources into its heartlands.

We'll see still further large scale immigration, many more tax rises, further transfers of power to Europe.

I'm still optimistic about our chances at the election but it's vital that every voter realises what's at stake.

Tim Montgomerie


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