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It's a 6% lead again

YouGovSun The Conservatives and Labour have both gained 1% since yesterday's YouGov poll for The Sun.

When the Tories last met for their Spring Forum, in Cheltenham last year, the poll lead was 18%.

This year's Spring Conference starts in Brighton on Saturday.

Tim Montgomerie

7.30am Friday: More detail from The Sun's poll:

Have you made up your mind how you will vote in the coming general election?

  • Pretty much made up my mind 64%
  • Might still change my mind 27%
  • Don't know 9%

If you changed your mind, which party would you vote for?

  • Conservative 19%
  • Lib Dems 13%
  • Labour 11%
  • Another party 19%
  • Don't know/won't vote 38%


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