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Is this a comprehensive list of our doorstep pledges?

Ideal I'm preparing the end-February poll of readers and one of the questions will attempt to identify the best doorstep pledges. Two questions for you as I attempt to get the survey content right:

  • Have I missed any in the list below?
  • Could any of them be worded better?


  • More funding for the NHS
  • Headteachers to be put in charge of school discipline
  • 450,000 new apprenticeships, college and training places
  • Guaranteed continuation of the minimum wage and child benefit
  • A cut in stamp duty for first time homebuyers
  • A recognition of marriage in the tax system
  • A two year freeze in council tax
  • The abolition of inheritance tax for all families except millionaires
  • Restoring the link between the basic state pension and earnings
  • Free long-term care for every pensioner who buys an £8,000 insurance policy
  • No more early release for convicted criminals
  • New laws that will give householders more rights against burglars
  • A new British Bill of Rights that will end the nonsenses of Labour's Human Rights Act
  • A cut in net immigration of 75%
  • Never to Britain joining the Euro
  • A Green Deal that will mean you can insulate your home now and pay the costs over time through lower energy bills
  • A high-speed railway network that will connect north and south and boost the UK economy
  • A cut in the cost of politics including a 10% cut in the number of MPs and a 5% cut in ministers' pay

PS These aren't necessarily the most important Tory pledges (eg the transparency agenda is more transformational) but the ones that will work best on the doorstep.

Tim Montgomerie

8pm additions to the list:
  • Abolition of Home Information Packs
  • The budget deficit cut in half by 2015 so future generations don't live in debt.


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