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How should the Tory economic message be described?

Ideal I've already sought your advice on best Tory policies and best attack lines on Labour. How should we describe Tory economic policy for the ideal leaflet?

The current Tory wording is "we'll rebuild our broken economy". A longer version is here:

"We will ensure stability, build a more balanced economy, reform public services to deliver better value for money, create new jobs and make Britain open for business again."

Earlier today Fraser Nelson suggested that 'Conservatives will save Britain from following Greece down the economic khazi'!

My own formulation:

"Every Labour government in history has raised debt and unemployment. Conservatives will clear up Labour's mess again. We'll cut wasteful spending, keep taxes as low as possible and encourage small business."

What words would you deploy? And, please remember, I'm not seeking your ideal economic policy but the ideal way of describing existing Conservative economic policy. Thanks!

Tim Montgomerie


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