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YouGov's first daily poll for The Sun suggests that Brown's interview with Piers Morgan had no discernible effect on voting intentions

Today's Sun has a YouGov poll, which it states is the first of what will now be a daily poll from the firm in the run-up to the general election. Polls will be published daily from Tuesday to Friday for the time being, rising to seven days a week for the final four weeks before polling day.

Today's numbers are:

YouGov UK Polling Report's Swing Calculator suggests these figures would leave the Conservatives nine seats short of a majority in a hung Parliament (NB: Comparisons are with the YouGov poll for the Telegraph on January 30th rather than the poll for The People on January 31st as the fieldwork for the former was carried out after that of the latter).

It certainly seems to suggest that there has been no discernible Brown mini-bounce from the soft Piers Morgan interview aired on Sunday night.

There are mixed messages about politicians in the poll:

  • 48% of people think most MPs are dishonest (34% say honest)
  • 70% think most MPs are out of touch with their constituents (19% say in touch)
  • But 48% also think that most MPs are hard-working (31% say lazy)

Jonathan Isaby


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