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David Cameron reminds Scotland that the general election offers a straight choice between five more years of Brown or a new Conservative Government

Picture 13 Speaking at the Scottish Conservative Party Conference in Perth this afternoon, David Cameron sent out a clear message that anyone thinking of voting SNP at the forthcoming general election was wasting their vote if they want to see the back of this Labour Government:

"Let me say this to Alex Salmond: This election that’s coming – it will be a British general election. It’s about the future this United Kingdom must build together. It’s not about you and your separatist agenda. And though we don’t know what will happen in this election – what the outcome will be, who will form the next government, there is one thing that is absolutely, one hundred per cent guaranteed: Alex, it will not be you."

The same message naturally applies in Wales as regards Plaid Cymru, but also across the whole country in relation to anyone thinking of voting Liberal Democrat, UKIP, Green etc. There are only two parties in a position to form a government on May 7th and anyone who wants Gordon Brown kicked out of office has to vote Conservative in order to ensure that this happens. Voting for any of those other parties risks allowing Labour to remain in office, if not with a majority then in a hung parliament and with all the uncertainty that would bring.

Tim wrote at the beginning of the year about the scenario in which fear of a hung parliament ought to focus people's minds on whether they want a Labour or Conservative government. Many have noted how the Tory poll lead has slightly narrowed in recent weeks, with some surveys suggesting that neither of the two main parties can currently hope to attain an overall majority.

The message that the election is a straight, stark choice between Labour and the Conservatives is more important than ever.

Jonathan Isaby


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