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Could Britain have an anti-tax revolution? Dan Hannan wants to get one going.

The American people face neither the tax nor the regulatory burdens of the average Briton but they are up in arms at the fiscal incontinence of Barack Obama. The Tea Party Movement is a massive phenomenon in the US and the issues it champions help explain why Obama got sucker punched in one of his party's safest states, Massachusetts, earlier this month.

Where is the anger in Britain at Gordon Brown's 111 tax rises and his doubling of the national debt?

Brighton might not be the best place to launch Britain's Tea Party Movement (perhaps it is - tell us, Graeme Archer?) and it might not be the best branding for over here... but Dan Hannan intends to have a go this Saturday. If you live in the city or are attending this weekend's Tory Spring Forum you should go along at 5.30pm on Saturday to hear what Dan has to say. All the details are here.

Tim Montgomerie

Two other recommended events in Brighton:


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