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(9) Vote Conservative... because of the next generation of Conservative MPs

VoteConservativeNextMore important than the Tory manifesto, more important than the character and vision of David Cameron is the next generation of Tory MPs. Long after the manifesto is gathering dust on a library shelf and long after Cameron's authority has begun to wane the 'Class of 2010' will be deciding parliamentary votes and running government departments.

More than half of the next parliamentary Tory party will be 'freshers' if the Conservatives become the government.

On Sunday Jonathan Isaby examined their make up in terms of gender and ethnicity. Ten times as important is what they believe. ConHome's polling of the intake suggests they are Thatcher's children. They are overwhelmingly Eurosceptic. They favour small government. They support marriage. They are sceptical about gung-ho environmentalism. They support the teaching of British history in schools. More worryingly, they are split on the future of the UK. This page and this page are the two best guides to ConHome's polling of the candidates.

Tim Montgomerie

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