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(7) Vote Conservative... because of David Willetts

VoteConservativeWillettsDaniel Finkelstein described David Willetts' 'The Pinch' as the best book he had read in the last year and continued that it was "the most important book for Conservatives in a lot longer than that". It is deserved praise. I've just finished reading it myself.

David Willetts' The Pinch introduces us to the great inequality of our time - between the young and the old. The Reform think tank has spoken of 'the IPOD generation' - Insecure, Pressurised, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden.

There are a whole range of policies on family structure, conservation, debt reduction and inheritance that will be necessary to ensure equity between the generations. David Willetts - who has on many occasions trail-blazed key Tory insights - has helped the Conservative Party get a headstart in this important new challenge to public policymakers.

Tim Montgomerie

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