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(4) Vote Conservative... because of Greg Clark

VoteConservativeClarkSo much of the green debate is dominated by fundamentalists. Some who deny that climate change is happening at all (man made or natural) and some who are closed to the practical concerns of intelligent critics such as Lord Lawson and Bjorn Lomborg. In Greg Clark the Tories have a climate and energy spokesman who is determined to pursue a sensible environmentalism.

Policies such as his 'Green Deal' will not only reduce Britain's carbon footprint but are also justifiable in that they will reduce energy bills and create 'green jobs'. Clark's 'smart meters' policy passes the same test of 'other benefits environmentalism'.

Clark has also been open to the idea that policy must shift somewhat to adapting to climate change rather than trying to avoid it. Many dark greens oppose any talk of adaptation because they fear it communicates resignation on combating global warming. Clark also supports a significant expansion of nuclear power and gas storage facilities as part of his determination to 'keep the lights on'.

With Nick Herbert the party is now making a distinction between blue green environmentalism where the emphasis is on incentives and red green environmentalism where the emphasis is on tax and regulation.

Tim Montgomerie

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