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(2) Vote Conservative... because of Michael Gove

VoteConservativeGoveMichael Gove's plan to introduce 'the Swedish model' into the British education system will end the local authority monopoly of schools provision and give more and more parents a choice of school. Faith groups, businesses and voluntary consortiums will be able to set up new schools within the state system and will have freedom to choose their own internationally-recognised system of examination and will be able to set teachers' pay and conditions themselves. Over time, the policy's three weaknesses will hopefully be addressed.

Michael Gove will also introduce a pupil premium for children in the inner cities and will use his first 100 days as Education Secretary to put under-performing schools into new ownership.

Headteachers will have new powers to restore discipline in schools, history will be taught properly and private schools will be protected from being closed down by the Charity Commission.

Tim Montgomerie

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