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(10) Vote Conservative... because of David Cameron

VoteConservativeCameronAs party leader, David Cameron is responsible for all the policies in this ten part series but I'd like to add one other big idea that may be the most revolutionary legacy of any government he leads.

We have seen how transparency has forced massive change in politics. In particular, it has produced massive downward pressure on the cost of politics as taxpayers have seen how their money is often misused.

The Conservatives plan to bring the same transparency to the rest of the public sector. I predict the same revolutionary impact as voters clock every executive BBC salary and businesses have a chance to inspect (and undercut) every NHS contract. Transparency marks a decisive shift in power away from big government and towards advocates of a smaller state. Taxpayers won't vote for higher spending until existing budgets are spent a lot better. That's going to be some time away.

Tim Montgomerie

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