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(1) Vote Conservative... because of George Osborne

During today ConservativeHome is offering ten reminders as to why we can vote Conservative with confidence and enthusiasm. We don't plan to exhaustively list every shadow cabinet minister and their portfolios but to offer ten good reasons why we can support the Conservatives with enthusiasm.

VoteConservativeOsborne George Osborne will use his first budget to cut the headline rates of corporation tax by abolishing allowances. As part of his ambition to make Britain an international headquarters for business and to "improve Britain’s international rankings for tax competitiveness and business regulation" he wants to continue to cut corporation tax in budget-after-budget. Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer has spoken of a corporation tax rate of 20% by the end of a first Parliament.

Osborne has also promised to eliminate most of Labour's structural budget deficit by the end of a first term of Tory government. Unlike Labour which will largely use higher rates of tax, the Conservatives will largely use reductions in waste and spending to close the gap.

Also on the economy Ken Clarke will chair a deregulatory star chamber that will ensure more regulations are eliminated than new regulations enacted.

Tim Montgomerie

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