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What was missing from ConHome's 'Closing the deal' series?

Starting on Monday I listed ten things that CCHQ should do to close the deal with voters. 1, 4, 8 and 9 are, on reflection, the most important ones:

Closingthedeal-1 Closing the deal 1/10: This election is a choice between a hung parliament and a strong Conservative government [It must be a top, top message of our campaign].

Closing the deal 2/10: Prepare, prepare and prepare for the debates

Closing the deal 3/10: Set out five clear principles for budget reduction

Closing the deal 4/10: Define the limit on net immigration

Closing the deal 5/10: Distinctive policies on crime, political ethics and tax [In restrospect I should have focused this one on MPs' expenses and Tory campaign literature must realise that the issue hasn't gone away].

Closing the deal 6/10: Big regional roles for the big beasts

Closing the deal 7/10: Cameron should join Twitter and soon

Closing the deal 8/10: Lively campaign websites for key voter groups [The big missing ingredient from CCHQ's new media operation is an integration of campaigning and news].

Closing the deal 9/10: Build better relations with MPs, journalists and other friends

Closing the deal 10/10: Make 'Cameron the movie'

What would you have added?

Tim Montgomerie


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