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Tories 13% ahead in Populus poll despite half of voters thinking Cameron is on the side of the rich

PopulusA few other interesting findings from the Populus survey for The Times:

  • "Mr Cameron is seen to be on the side of the rich over ordinary people, by 50 to 42 per cent. By contrast, Mr Brown is seen as 64 per cent for ordinary people and 26 per cent for the rich."
  • "Mr Cameron and George Osborne are now most trusted to deal with the economy by 43 per cent, up two points since October, against 30 per cent for Mr Brown and Alistair Darling, up two points."
  • "Some 64 per cent of voters think Mr Cameron is better than his party, and just 24 per cent worse."
  • Re the Tory tax allowance for married couples, you ask a very slanted question and get the result they you want: "57 per cent, including 63 per cent of women, say it is not the place of government to promote one lifestyle over another."

A couple of hours ago we learnt that Angus Reid opinion polling has the Tories 16% ahead.

Tim Montgomerie


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