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Tories 12% ahead in YouGov poll taken after plot to oust Brown

It's a small movement and I don't think we should read much into it but the Conservatives are up 2% and Labour down 1% on yesterday's YouGov poll for The Sun. Just wait until the Election campaign begins properly and we'll be drowning in polling numbers, all changing by the day.

YouGovSun Tim Montgomerie

Midnight update:

Further findings from the poll - which was conducted between 4pm on Wednesday and noon on Thursday - are as follows:

  • 67% of all voters either have no confidence in Labour (39%) or less confidence as a result of the botched coup against Gordon Brown (28%)
  • 62% said that a leadership ballot would be a distraction from the problems that the country faces, such as the recession and terrorism, rising to 78% among Labour voters
  • Only 29% of voters thought a leadership ballot as proposed by Hoon and Hewitt was a good idea

YouGov sampled 2,832 British adults for the poll.

Jonathan Isaby


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