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Closing the deal 1/10: This election is a choice between a hung parliament and a strong Conservative government

In this ten part series - posting on the hour until 6pm today - I start with this message as Paul Goodman started the year.  It's the most important message that the Conservatives need to communicate from now until polling day.

We need to make it clear (as Eric Pickles, Mark Field (who was in front of the pack) and Ken Clarke have done) that a hung parliament would be disastrous for Britain. The markets might panic. The urgent work of cutting the deficit would be delayed. We would look like Britain in the 1970s; overseen by weak coalition governments.

We need a strong government in these treacherous times. A government with a plan. Not the chaos of a hung parliament and drawn out negotiations until some kind of government is formed.

6a00d83451b31c69e20120a7a68c93970b-800wi No poll suggests Labour can win. No commentator believes Labour will win. Labour's only hope of staying in office is a backroom deal with Nick Clegg.

Voters can choose the Conservatives or the chaos of a hung parliament.

Tim Montgomerie


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